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49. The good Shepherd

A while ago I drove on the highway. I saw the beautiful Palatine woods, vineyards and fields, and then I discovered a herd of sheep.

Did you know that sheep only follow the voice of their shepherd and won’t listen to any other voice?

Did you know that sheep get tired quickly and that they can’t defend themselves?

Did you know that sheep don’t have any orientation? They could never find their way home like dogs or horses can, for example. Sheep desperately need a shepherd who will lead them and protect them and care for them. And we need this, too.

Whenever I see sheep, it comes to mind what the Lord Jesus said.

Jesus: "I am the good Shepherd. My sheep hear my voice and they follow Me."

He is the good Shepherd and we are the sheep.

Jesus told a story about them once.

(Background sound of sheep)

Jesus: "A shepherd had 100 sheep. He led them to green pastures and fresh water. When wild animals came, he saw the danger immediately and protected the herd. The sheep were safe when they stayed near the shepherd. They were doing well. In the evening, the shepherd led them home and counted to see if they were all there: 97, 98, 99. Only 99? One sheep was missing! It went its own way and got lost. Helpless and tired, it cried for help. Remember: sheep without a shepherd are lost.

But the shepherd missed the sheep and searched until he found it in the undergrowth. Happily, he put the sheep on his shoulder and carried it home. Now the sheep was safe and sound.

The shepherd said to his friends: Rejoice with me, for I found my lost sheep."

This single sheep was important to him. He searched for it and found it. And he loved it.

Jesus is the good Shepherd.

Do you know His voice? Are you following Him?

With Jesus you are safe and sound. He gives us what we need. He is always with us and never leaves us alone when we’re in trouble. In spite of this, many people walk away from him and go their own way instead.

Can you imagine why they would do this?

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