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169. Halloween - without me 1

Eve and Howard pressed their noses against the store window. The pumpkins behind the glass showed evil grins.

Eve: "I have to write a report about Halloween. Ugh, do you see the skull?"

Howard: "But it’s not real!"

Eve had goosebumps.

Howard: "Are you coming to the Halloween party?"

Eve: "I don’t know. Maybe. But now I have to go home."

The bakery next door advertised their devilishly good cookies. Halloween brought in the money.

(sound of a doorbell)

Mother: "You’re home at last."

Eve: "I’m hungry. (sound of silverware on a plate) Where in the world are the pumpkin heads that were at the window?"

Father: "They’re scaring the inside of the garbage can."

Eve: "In the garbage can???"

Mother: "Read this article from today’s newspaper." (sound of newspaper rustling)

Eve almost choked on her pizza when she read what Halloween meant:

October 31st – witches - and a party for Satan. The story is over 2000 years old. The Celts new year. They lived without God. They believed in many gods and that the Samhain, the god of the dead, comes on this night and collects the dead.

Eve: "Then Halloween is a celebration for the devil."

Halloween is the English abbreviation for 'the Eve of All Saints’ Day'. Back then, magicians carved out turnips, placed a candle inside them, set them in front of their house, and cried out: 'Gift or curse'. Whoever didn’t sacrifice for Samhain was cursed.

Father: "Disguised spirits who beg for sweets remind us of this heathen custom. The Bible says: Avoid evil. Halloween is a night of evil."

Mother: "I didn’t know that. But starting now: Halloween – without me."

Father: "Did you read about the sacrifices?"

Eve was pale as she read that people were sacrificed to Satan. How horrible! The devil is a liar and murderer. Halloween is his day.

Father: "God said that we shouldn’t participate in heathen customs. That’s why I also say: Halloween – without me!"

And what about you? Do you believe in Jesus Christ? If so, you have true joy that can do without horror parties.

Eve: "I’m not going to the Halloween party. SMS to Howard: Halloween – without me!"

And hopefully also without you!

Do you want to know more about Halloween? Then write to me!

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