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134. STOP 2

Girl: "The school of life part 1. Today we look at the stop sign!"

(sound of traffic noises)

Boy: "Is he crazy? He drove at high speed right through the stop sign."

Girl: "Perhaps he’s in a hurry."

In the Bible we read about a man was also in a hurry. He was unpredictable. Everyone was afraid of him. He had murderous ideas. Innocent people suffered.

Saul: "We’re going to wipe out every Christian. Every single person who says that Jesus is God’s Son. Let’s get going to Damascus."

He wanted to arrest men and women. The High Priest gave him the green light to do so.

(sound of walking) Saul walked even faster. But suddenly he was stopped.

A light from heaven flashed around him.

Jesus: "Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting Me?"

Saul: "Lord, who are you?"

Jesus: "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. Get up. Go to Damascus, and there you’ll find out what I want you to do."

The men who accompanied Saul heard the voice as well, but they didn’t see anyone. When Saul stood up, he was blind. His companions led him into the city.

Jesus stopped Saul. He then realized that his life was going the wrong way. He thought that he belonged to God. But that was not true! Without Jesus, we all are on the wrong life path. We’re on the way that does not lead to heaven. This is a dangerous path. That’s why Jesus stopped Saul and many others as well.

Girl: "I never saw a light."

God’s 'stop signs' can look different for each person.

Boy: "It could be an accident or a sickness, for example. What was it like for you?"

My 'stop sign' was a sermon. God also uses people to be a stop sign for others.

Girl: "And what happened to Saul then?"

He confessed that he was on the wrong path and then he prayed. After three days, a man came to visit him.

Ananias: "Dear brother Saul, the Lord Jesus sent me to you so that you can see again. Be filled with the Holy Spirit, who will give you the strength for your life’s journey."

At that very moment, Saul could see again.

Boy: "And then?"

The Christians who he had wanted to kill became his best friends. And he led many others to Jesus and showed them the way.

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