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32. Does God hear each prayer

Do you have a favourite color? Amy’s favourite color was blue. She liked the blue sky, the blue sea, and her most favourite blue thing was her mother’s blue eyes. Too bad that my eyes are brown, Amy thought.

Amy: "Mama, does God hear all of my prayers?"

Mama: "Yes, darling, God hears all prayers."

Amy: "Even the prayers of children?"

Mama: "Of course, Amy. But now it’s time to go to bed. Good night! Sleep tight!"

Amy: "Good night, Mama!"

After the light was turned off, Amy prayed in her bed:

Amy: "Dear God, you can do anything. Please turn my brown eyes to blue. Amen."

God heard Amy’s prayer, she was sure of it. Then she went to sleep.

The next morning Amy woke up and thought about her prayer. She jumped out of bed, ran to the mirror, out of which two great big brown eyes looked back at her.

Sadly Amy thought that God perhaps didn’t hear her prayer. Then it was as if someone said to her, "'No' is also an answer."

Many years passed. When Amy was an adult, she went to India as a missionary. She learned the language there, she ate what they ate, dressed as they dressed, and in order to not look as much like a foreigner, she painted her skin brown.

One day a friend said to Amy,

Friend: "Amy, it’s so good that your eyes are brown and not blue, otherwise everyone would see that you’re a foreigner."

Brown eyes? Amy thought about her prayer as a child. “No” is also an answer. A good answer from God.

Sometimes God gives us immediately what we want.

Sometimes He lets us wait.

Sometimes He says no.

Whatever the answer – whether yes, no, or wait – He shows us His love. His answer is always the best for us.

He does exactly the right thing, even for you.

People: Narrator, Amy (as a child), Amy’s mother, friend

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