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143. Like the Chinese 4

When he was five years old, Hudson Taylor knew what he wanted to be when he grew up.

H. T.: "When I grow up, I’m going to be a missionary and go to China."

When he was 21 years old, he travelled to China, learned the language, and told many people about Jesus. But the best job is sometimes very difficult.

Man: "Hey, what are you doing here? Get lost!"

Soldier: "We’re going to kill the foreign devil and his fellows."

Man: "No, we’ll bring them to the high-level bureaucrat."

Cruel soldiers beat the missionaries and strangled Hudson till he was almost dead. Everything hurt terribly, but he still had his humor.

H. T.: "Hold on, my friend, this gives us something to write about in our diaries."

They kept going out of love for Jesus, for He suffered so much more when He died on the cross for the sins of every person. Hudson thought about that and loved the Lord Jesus even more. Knowing this gave him strength when they were dragged to court.

The high-level bureaucrat listened to their explanation.

H. T.: "We want to tell people in Tungschau about Jesus, the Savior. He loves everyone. This is written in the Bible. We’ll give you this book as a gift."

The high-level bureaucrat liked that. Instead of beatings he gave them tea. Instead of prison he allowed them to preach about Jesus.

Jesus makes things happen. Hudson thanked Him for it. But afterwards, he went to his home, exhausted. His Chinese helper saw how he ate his rice and duck eggs with chop-sticks.

Chinese: "Mr. Taylor, you eat like we do, and you speak like we do, but why don‘t you wear what we wear?"

H. T.: "Why not? That’s a good question! Should I?"

Chinese: "People would certainly listen to you more if you did."

H. T.: "Hm! When Jesus came to earth, He became a man just like we are. He became like we are. And I want to become like the Chinese. Will you help me to do this?"

Out of love for Jesus Hudson exchanged his English suit coat for the Chinese outfit. A long, black braid made him look handsome.

Chinese: "Now you look like a Chinese!"

On the island of Tsung Ming, Hudson Taylor taught the Bible and cared for the sick. But suddenly there arose some problems.

1st woman: "Did you hear that? The good Mr. Taylor must leave the island."

2nd woman: "Our doctors are jealous because he cares for more patients and has better medicine than they do."

1st woman: "They made him look bad in front of the the high-level bureaucrat."

And then? I’ll tell you in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Hudson Taylor as a child, Hudson Taylor as an adult, man, soldier, Chinese, 1st woman, 2nd woman

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