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141. 5 a.m. Get up 2

(sound of an alarm clock)

At 5:00 o’clock in the morning the alarm went off. Hudson Taylor got up.

Boy: "So early! Why?"

He wanted to have a lot of time so he could read his Bible without distractions. This was his first training lesson because he wanted to be a missionary. Besides this, he began to do sports in order to be more physically fit.

That’s what it was like 150 years ago. Hudson Taylor loved the Lord Jesus and wanted to be a missionary.

(sound of knocking)

H. T.: "Hello, Pastor. Could you lend me a book about China?"

Pastor: "Why a book about China?"

H. T.: "Jesus wants me to be a missionary there."

Pastor: "And how will you get to China?"

H. T.: "I don‘t know that yet. I’ll trust the Lord Jesus. He will lead me."

Trusting Jesus is so very important. We can learn to do this. Hudson Taylor made an agreement with Jesus that would help him.

H. T.: "Lord Jesus, I will ask only You for whatever I need."

Hudson was not rich. Once, the only money he had was a half a crown, which is about 3 dollars. Nevertheless, he was happy and visited the poor.

Man: "Mr. Taylor, please come and pray for my wife. She’s very sick."

Hudson followed the man into a small, dirty room. When he saw the hungry children and the deathly sick wife, he prayed for them and gave them his last piece of money. He told only the Lord Jesus that he didn’t have any food for lunch. And Jesus rewarded his trust. The miracle came in the mail: 12 dollars from an anonymous person! And the sick woman got well again.

Hudson worked for Dr. Hardey. He was a good doctor, but a forgetful man.

Dr. Hardey: "Mr. Taylor, have I given you your salary yet?"

H. T.: "No."

Dr. Hardey: "I’m so sorry. I just took all the money to the bank. You should have reminded me."

But that would have been against his agreement to only tell Jesus what he needed. But now how should he pay his rent? Dr. Hardey came once more into the reception room.

Dr. Hardey: "Here’s your salary. A patient just came and wanted to pay his bill right away."

In this way Jesus cared for Hudson. He takes care of everyone who trusts in Him.

Later Hudson studied medicine in London. In the university hospital something terrible happened to him. You’ll hear about it in the next drama.

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