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140. Dream job 1

Be careful, the tea is hot. (sound of a spoon stirring in a cup)

Hudson almost burned his tongue. It was tea time in England for the Hudson family. And it was so pleasant back then, 150 years ago.

Father always told them about the distant land of China during that time. Suddenly he grew serious.

Father: "I don’t understand it. Why don’t more missionaries go to China? Millions of Chinese have never been told about Jesus."

Hudson: "Daddy, when I get tall, then I will be a missionary and go to China."

The parents smiled at the words of their five-year-old. He was often sick. It was impossible for him to become a missionary. Since Hudson couldn’t go to school, his mother taught him at home.

Hudson was a bookworm.

Hudson: "If I could only read in bed at night. I can’t because Mama always takes the lamp with her. I’ll just find a couple of old candle stubs."

That evening he secretly filled his pant pockets before he said good-night and disappeared to his room. But how unfortunate! One of the family’s guests held on to him and took him on his lap. And he was sitting next to the open fireplace! Hudson grew very warm and so did the candle stubs. The minutes seemed like hours to him.

Mother: "Hudson, now it’s time to go to bed."

Hudson: "Good night!"

Shortly thereafter, his mother found him in his room with his pockets waxed shut! Hudson was sorry that he went behind his mother’s back. He never did it again.

The bookworm had another hobby: aggravating his sister Amelie.

But most of the time they were inseparable and observed bugs and birds together.

When Hudson was thirteen years old, he began his pharmacy studies. He made great plans for his future.

But then a certain holiday changed his whole life. He read a Christian book and all of a sudden he understood that Jesus died and rose again because of His love for Hudson.

Hudson: "Lord Jesus, thank You for loving me. I want to belong to You and do whatever You tell me to do. Amen."

After he prayed this prayer, it was as if Jesus said: Then go to China for Me.

Becoming a missionary was his greatest wish when he was five years old.

When he was 17, he began to prepare himself for his future.

Perhaps his training will motivate you.

In the next drama I’ll tell you more. You won’t want to miss it!

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