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139. The King’s invitation 2

The King‘s chariot drove through the streets. The curtains were drawn back and windows were opened. Curious, people watched to see what would happen.

Woman: "Messengers of the King in Lo-Dabar? That’s a sensation!"

Neighbor: "Whom are they visiting? Perhaps the mayor?"

To their surprise, the grand chariot stopped directly in front of the house in which Mephibosheth lived.

King David had invited him. Mephibosheth could hardly believe it. He, the lame one, the outsider received an invitation from the King! That must have been wonderful.

You don’t need to be jealous. You’re also invited. A righteous King, who is eternal, invites you. Jesus, the King of Kings! Do like Mephibosheth did and accept the invitation, even when you’re not some big-whig but feel insignificant.

The lame boy was brought to the King.

David: "Mephibosheth, don’t be afraid. I want to show kindness to you."

Mephibosheth: "But I don’t deserve that."

David: "I’m giving you land. My servants will sow and reap it. And it all belongs to you."

King David extended an invitation to Mephibosheth and gave him gifts.

Jesus, the eternal King, invites you and wants to offer you presents.

His gifts are invaluable: forgiveness, joy, peace, eternal life... I can’t even list everything. Come to Jesus and be blessed by Him.

Mephibosheth never regretted that he had accepted the king’s invitation and his kindness. And the best was yet to come.

David: "Mephibosheth, I want you to come to live with me."

Just like with Jesus, the invisible King. He doesn’t want you to visit Him just on Sunday, but every day. Do you want that, too? To always be with Him in your heart and thoughts?

Jesus will rule your life well. I don’t know of a better King than He is. King David’s invitation changed Mephibosheth’s life totally.

The Lord Jesus’ invitation will change your life totally.

Jesus invites you and wants to show you kindness. He wants you to always be with Him.

Accept His invitation. You can give Him your answer when you pray. King Jesus hears you.

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