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42. TiFam, the witch doctor’s daughter 1

Over the mountains of Haiti the sun rose. TiFam lived with her parents in a small mud hut. They were very poor and were always afraid of evil spirits. They didn’t know anything about the true God who loved them and who said: Don’t be afraid for I am with you.

TiFam’s father, the witch doctor, Orestil, got up early, and her mother did the housework and worked in the field. TiFam often had to help.

Mother: "TiFam, we’re going to dig up sweet potatoes and take them to the market tomorrow. Go and cut banana leaves so I can lay them in the basket."

TiFam: "If I do, can I get the new dress that you promised me?"

Mother: "We’ll see."

TiFam took the machete and walked to the banana plantation. Her friend ran across the field to her.

Mary: "TiFam! TiFam!"

TiFam: "Mary, tomorrow I’m going to get a new dress, one with words on it."

Mary: "Words? You can’t even read. I’m going to learn how to read and then I’ll buy something."

TiFam: "Will you buy a new charm from my father so you’re protected?"

Mary: "No, I don’t wear charms anymore. We became Christians and are going to buy a Bible."

TiFam: "Mary, you’re crazy! The evil spirits won’t like that at all. You’ll get sick."

Mary: "TiFam, I’m not afraid anymore. Jesus is stronger than the evil spirits. He said: Don’t be afraid for I am with you. Victor told us this from the Bible."

TiFam: "Those are lies, all lies."

TiFam held onto her charm and ran away.

TiFam: "Mother, Mary won’t wear a charm anymore because they became Christians."

Christians are people who belong to Jesus and for that reason, don’t want to have anything to do with charms, the zodiac, horoscopes or superstition anymore. God forbids these things in His Word.

Do you depend on these kinds of things, or will you give Jesus your trust? He alone can be your protection and help. He says to you as well: Don’t be afraid for I am with you.

TiFam didn’t know that we can pray to Jesus. She always lived in fear.

When Orestil, the witch doctor, heard that Mary and her parents had become Christians, his face darkened and then…

What happens next in this true missionary story will be told in the following drama.

People: Narrator, TiFam, mother, Mary

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