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81. Man overboard 1

Come with us, we’re going sight-seeing in the city!

Boy: "That fortification is super. I’m going to look at the watch towers."

Girl: "I’d rather go to the library. I could browse there for hours."

Boy: "The King’s palace. Wow, that’s splendid!"

Girl: "I’m going to the zoo."

Boy: "Are you going to visit your relatives there?" (sound of laughter)

Many years ago, God looked down at this city. He didn’t let Himself be impressed by the beautiful veneer. He saw what was behind it – much hate and fighting, betrayal and murder. The people in this city lived as if God and His laws didn’t even exist. They had forgotten their Creator. This is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. If God would look closely at your life, what would He see?

He has to punish sin for He is holy. But God is loving at the same time, and He would much rather save people, which is why He wanted to warn them.

God spoke: "Jonah, go to the world-renowned city of Nineveh. Preach about how I’ll punish them for their sins. For these people have forgotten Me."

Jonah went, but not to Nineveh.

(sound of running, heavy breathing)

Jonah: "No way am I going to Nineveh! To the enemy of our land? I’m not crazy. They deserve to die. Hey, there’s a ship in the harbor. I’ll pay them well and will sail far away from here."

Fleeing from God is expensive. Jonah climbed into the storage space of the ship and fell asleep between the kegs and the boxes, exhausted. Jonah was dumb. Can a person run away from God? Even at the ends of the earth He would still see us. And God still saw Jonah.

A terrible storm broke out. The ship’s crew cried out to their gods. The living God, who could save them, was unknown to them. They threw the cargo overboard to lighten the ship. The captain shook Jonah awake.

Captain: "Hey, wake up! Call out to your God, perhaps He can save us."

Jonah was immediately wide awake. And everything came to light.

Sailor: "Who are you? And from where have you come? What is your occupation?"

Jonah: "I’m Jonah. I worship the God who made the heavens and the earth. I’m guilty of causing the storm because I was disobedient to God."

Sailor: "And what should we do now?"

Jonah: "Throw me into the sea, and then it will grow calm again and God will save you."

At first they didn’t want to do it, but then the sailors took Jonah and threw him overboard. (sound of water splashing)

Was this the end of Jonah? No! The adventure just began.

And in the next drama it will continue.

People: Narrator, boy, girl, God, Jonah, captain, sailor

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