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38. A night in jail

No, these fine men just didn’t like it. Their faces were grim, their foreheads had wrinkles, and there was envy in their eyes.

1st Sadducee: "How long do we need to watch to this?"

2nd Sadducee: "I’m all for it: we forbid them from speaking about Jesus."

1st Sadducee: "If this continues, soon everyone will believe that God raised Jesus from the dead."

2nd Sadducee: "Let’s grab the ringleaders."

This was just like the Sadducees, to act as if they believed. First they let Jesus be crucified and then they want to make His witnesses be quiet. The temple police pushed themselves through the crowd. They put Peter and John under arrest, took them away and locked them in jail for the night.

The next morning they were interrogated:

1st Judge: "Who told you that you should preach? How can you do miracles, like making a lame man walk?"

Peter didn’t let himself be intimidated. Courageously he said:

Peter: "You accuse us because we helped a lame man. The miracle occurred through faith in the Lord Jesus, whom you crucified, and whom God raised again from the dead. Only Jesus can bring salvation to people – no one else in the whole world can."

The judges were amazed at Peter’s boldness and talked with each other as to what to do with him.

1st Judge: "What should we do with these men? We cannot deny the fact that a lame man can walk; everyone can see it."

2nd Judge: "But we have to prevent others from hearing about it. We’ll just forbid them to talk about Jesus."

Peter and John were brought in again.

1st Judge: "You men, you’re not allowed to preach about Jesus anymore. Do you understand? We expect you to obey this order, otherwise…"

But Peter answered for himself and John:

Peter: "Do you really expect us to obey you rather than God? It’s impossible for us to be quiet. We’ve experienced so much with Jesus, and we have to tell others about Him."

They were admonished to be quiet once more and then they were allowed to go.

We must obey God rather than man. Just like Peter and John.

People: Narrator, two Sadducees, two judges, Peter

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