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9. Advent – He’s coming

The most beautiful time of the year has begun.

The stores and streets are decorated for Christmas.

And at home the rooms are decked with fir tree branches and golden stars.

The first candle burns on the Advent wreath.

I always look forward to this time, as I’m sure you do.

(play a Christmas song – instrumental only)

Holly: "A candle is burning. I’m glad that this beautiful time of year is here. It says to me: “God loves you and me; His Son was born as a baby."

Lights are lit and tell the good news.

The first candle reminds us:

Jesus came from heaven to the earth. He became a human, just like we are, in order to die on the cross for our sins. He was buried and rose again after three days. He lives now!

The second candle says:

Jesus is the light of the world. For every person. And He wants to fill your heart with light and joy.

The third candle promises:

He’s coming! Jesus, the Lord, is coming again. But not like He did 2000 years ago. He won’t come again as a baby lying in a manger. He will come as Lord and King.

The fourth candle proclaims:

Wait for Him and be ready. The best thing for you to do is to let Him into your life today. This is the best preparation for His coming.

Jesus came and will come again. This is the good news of Advent that shines brighter than any candle.

I wish you a joyful Advent season.

And one more thing: next time there will be a Christmas quiz. Will you participate?

People: Narrator, girl

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