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160. Why did Jesus allow this 1

The three siblings were inseparable. Do you know them? Martha, full of ideas and always on the move. Mary, the quiet one who was a bit shy. Lazarus, their dependable brother. All three of them loved Jesus.

When He came with his disciples to Bethany, He visited them.

A happy atmosphere usually filled the small house, that is, until Lazarus got very sick, very suddenly. Mary sat by his bedside, very worried. The sick brother hardly spoke a word. He closed his eyes.

Martha came to the door and was shocked when she saw her brother’s pale face.

Martha: "Mary, this can’t continue. Jesus is the only One who can help. I’m going to send a message to Him right away."

Completely out of breath, the messenger found the Lord Jesus at the Jordan River.

Messenger: "Jesus, come quickly! Mary und Martha sent me. Lazarus is very sick. Come quickly, otherwise he’ll die!"

Jesus loved the three siblings. But He didn’t go to them immediately. He stayed with His disciples right where He was. He let a few days pass.

Jesus: "Come, now we’ll go. Lazarus is asleep. I’m going to wake him up."

Disciple: "If he’s asleep, then he’ll soon be well again."

Jesus: "I meant something else with the word 'asleep'. Lazarus is dead."

Disciple: "Dead?"

Jesus: "I rejoice that I wasn’t there. Because of that, you’ll learn to believe in Me."

The disciples didn’t understand what was happening at all. Lazarus was dead and Jesus was glad. How are they supposed to learn to believe in Him in this situation? Did Jesus perhaps mean that one can trust Him even when something horrible happens? Even when one doesn’t understand?

Lazarus was buried. Mary and Martha cried very much. Many mourners had come. They wanted to comfort the two sisters.

Now I’d like to give you a small job.

Think about the answer to this question: What would you do if Jesus didn’t answer your prayer immediately and didn’t help you?

What would you do if He allowed the worst thing of all to happen to you?

Would you believe that He loved you in spite of it?

Please think about this!

And remember – in the next drama the story will continue.

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