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151. Donkey heads are expensive 1

Can you picture the city of Samaria, a city on a hill that is well-protected? When Israel was divided, this was the capital of the northern realm.

And the enemies zeroed in on this particular city.

The Syrians wanted to conquer it. But they didn’t do it with weapons. They besieged it. All around the city they pitched their camp and kept their eyes on the city gates.

From then on the city dwellers only heard bad news. The amount of food was scarce. Everything was sold out! The head of a donkey, bad goods, cost 160 dollars. Half-starved children cried and looked for food on the streets.

The nation was at the end of its rope. And so was the King. He blamed Elisha and was determined to kill this messenger of God. An official accompanied him.

Elisha saw them coming.

Elisha: "King, listen to God! He promised that there will be food to eat tomorrow, and for very cheap!"

The official insultingly replied.

Official: "Impossible! Do you think that God can open a window in heaven and throw food down for us?"

Elisha: "You’ll see that it’s so, but as a punishment, you won’t get anything to eat from it."

This was good news from God, but no one believed it.

The need was tremendous. But it was the greatest for the four men who sat outside by the city gate. They were clothed in rags, half-starved and leprous. Because of this horrible skin disease, they were cast outs.

Would the city soon hear the bad news about their death?

Hopeless, they stared into the distance. Suddenly one of them broke the silence.

Leper: "Death is lurking everywhere. If we stay here, we’ll die. If we go into the city, we’ll die also. If we go to the enemy, perhaps… perhaps they’ll let us live. And if they kill us, then we’ll just die there instead."

A spark of hope entered their hearts.

When the sun went down, they sneaked to the enemies‘ camp.

The tension was so high!

They reached the first tent.

Careful! Be quiet!

What then happened I’ll tell you in the next drama.

People: Narrator, Elisha, leper, official

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