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107. Lame excuses

Dirk is a bookworm. Mark Twain, C.S. Lewis, he guzzles them all. But there’s a certain book that he just can’t get excited about.

Dirk: "The Bible isn’t for me."

Girl: "Why not?"

Dirk: "There’s so much in it that I don‘t understand."

Girl: "That’s just a lazy excuse. I know you’d understand something."

Dirk: "Like what?"

Girl: "Like: You shouldn’t steal."

Wow! That hit Dirk like an arrow. His face got red and he walked quickly away.

Have you ever heard that the Bible is the book of books?

Boy: "After the printing press was invented, the Bible was the very first book printed."

Girl: "The Bible has been translated in more than 1600 languages."

Boy: "The smallest Bible was printed in England and is only as big as a matchbox."

Girl: "The biggest Bible in the world is made out of wood and weighs more than 24,000 pounds."

Boy: "The Bible is the most loved book, but it is also hated by many."

Girl: "The author of the Bible is God, and about 40 people wrote down what He said."

Boy: "Whoever reads the Bible and believes God’s Word will become a new person. No other book can change a person like that."

Girl: "The Bible contains about three million letters. If you would read four chapters a day, you can read the Bible in a year."

Boy: "A man in England has already read the Bible 100 times!"

Someone discovered a friend’s Bible that had bullet holes in it. He thought, that’s bad and mean. Who would dare treat God’s Word so poorly? He was shocked.

His friend guessed what he was thinking.

Man: "I’m glad for my Bible with bullet holes for it saved my life. During the war, I was a soldier and fought on the front lines. We crawled from ditch to ditch. Suddenly I felt a strong blow to my chest and a penetrating pain. What just happened? The enemy aimed and shot a bullet at me. But I always carried my small Bible in my front pocket. The bullet tore through the Bible and just wounded me lightly. If the Bible hadn’t been there, the shot would have penetrated to my heart.

It saved my life. And not just once, but twice. The first time it saved me when I read that Jesus is the only One who can save me from my sins. And the second time when it saved me from the deadly bullet."

I read in the Bible every day. Do you, too? If you’d like a Bible, write to me. It says in the Bible: "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" (Ps 119:105).

This light shows you the way so that you don’t get lost but can find the way to God.

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