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94. A bad conscience 6

Ringu had stolen the missionary’s organ. Now his conscience bothered him. Stealing doesn’t make one happy. Have you discovered this as well? Whether you took something from a store or from your mom’s purse, it doesn’t matter. There is only one way to make it right again.

Ringu chose to go this way. He asked Jesus for forgiveness and wanted to give back what he had stolen.

He harnessed the bulls to the cart and placed the organ onto it.

Battu: "Ringu, what are you doing?"

Ringu: "I’m going to give the organ back."

Battu: "Are you crazy? Why did you steal it if you’re just going to return it? I don’t understand you since you decided to believe in Jesus."

Ringu: "Climb up! I’ll tell you all about it while we are driving."

Ringu was in a hurry to get to the city.

He was glad that he found Mrs. Merry right away. She worked as a Bible translator in India.

Mrs. Merry: "Hello, you two. How nice of you to come. I could use you. I’m missing a few Kurku words in my translation. Would you help me?"

Ringu: "Yes, but first I need to see Sahib Grubb."

Mrs. Merry: "He isn’t here. He was very sick. An airplane took him back to his home in America. But the doctors couldn’t help him anymore. Sahib Grubb is now in heaven."

Ringu: "Sahib is in heaven? With the Lord Jesus? He’s surely very happy there. But he’s not here with us anymore."

Mrs. Merry: "No, he’s not here with us anymore."

This news made Ringu very sad. He cried.

Mrs. Merry: "Look, I have a picture of him. Would you like to keep it?"

Ringu: "Thanks so much. This is my Sahib who told me about the Lord Jesus."

Mrs. Merry: "Ringu, God has a plan for your life. I believe that He wants you to tell others about Him."

Ringu: "But I, I stole something, the organ. It’s out on the cart."

Now it was out in the open. And Ringu was relieved.

Mrs. Merry forgave him. Unburdened, he jumped onto the cart and gave the stolen item back.

Ringu: "Good-bye, Mrs. Merry. The next time I visit you I’ll tell you many more Kurku words. But now we need to find firewood."

And while traveling, he prayed.

Ringu: "Thanks a lot, Lord Jesus, for forgiving me. Please tell Sahib that I returned the organ. I’m so happy now and I want to serve you."

Battu: "Ringu, could you tell me about Jesus?"

Ringu: "Yes, I’d love to tell you about Him every day."

People: Narrator, Ringu, Battu, Mrs. Merry

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