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75. Special binoculars

Do you know what a prophet is?

Sarah: "God tells him His plans."

Asmus: "He can predict the future."

One could also say that a prophet is someone who has received special binoculars from God. Binoculars with which he can see the future and can see what no one else can see.

Zechariah also saw the future and wrote down what God showed him. Read this Bible verse:

Girl: "Rejoice, Jerusalem. Your King is coming to you, righteous and victorious, gentle, and riding on a donkey."

What God foretold truly happened. What Zechariah foresaw was fulfilled to the letter 500 years later.

Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem. He came to a small town. He sent two of his disciples on ahead.

Jesus: "Go into the next down. There you’ll find a donkey. Untie it and bring it to me."

Disciple: "Can we just take it?"

Jesus: "If anyone asks about why you’re taking the donkey, tell him that the Lord needs it."

Disciple: "If You say so." (sound of steps on a gravel road)

The two men went into the town and it happened just as Jesus had said. They found the donkey and untied it.

Owner of the donkey: "Hey, what are you two doing? That donkey belongs to me."

Disciple: "The Lord needs it and sent us to get it."

Owner of the donkey: "Your Lord? Well, then. Fine. Everything’s fine. Take it away." (sound of steps on a gravel road)

The disciples brought the donkey back to Jesus, placed their garments on the animal and Jesus mounted the donkey. Others spread their garments on the ground like a rug and waved palm branches as a greeting. With great joy they celebrated Jesus.

People: "Rejoice, Jerusalem, your King is coming to you."

People: "Hosanna! Hail to the King who comes from God."

People: "Hosanna! Help us! You are our King."

They wanted a King who would give them bread, who would free them from the oppression of the Romans. But Jesus didn’t come for those reasons.

Disappointed, a week later they cried:

People: "We don’t want Him. Take Him away. Crucify Him."

They didn’t recognize that Jesus wanted to give them more than just bread. He, the King, wanted to rule their lives.

I’m so glad that He also wants to do that in our lives.

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