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56. God doesn’t forget anyone 4

Joseph waited. One week passed, then another week. One month. Two months… more time passed and Joseph thought:

Joseph: "I’m not guilty but here I am in jail. Why isn’t anyone getting me out of here?"

A prisoner who had been let free promised Joseph that he would talk to the Pharaoh about him. But he forgot all about Joseph. And two long years had passed since then. But there was one who had not forgotten Joseph. God. He had promised Joseph that he would be a great ruler. And now God began to make His promise come to pass.

The Pharaoh dreamed. But no one could tell him what the dream meant. He got upset. Then the waiter who served Pharaoh suddenly remembered something.

Waiter: "I know someone who can interpret dreams. Joseph. He is in jail but is innocent. I totally forgot about him."

Pharaoh: "Bring him to me immediately."

Pharaoh’s order was obeyed.

Joseph came before the ruler of Egypt and bowed before him.

Pharaoh: "I heard that you can interpret dreams."

Joseph: "Mighty Pharaoh, I can’t do this, but God can."

Pharaoh: "I dreamed that I was standing by the Nile. Seven fat cows came up out of the water but were eaten by seven gaunt cows. Then I dreamed about seven plump ears of grain that were swallowed up by seven thin ears of grain. What does this mean? Can you tell me?"

Joseph: "God has told you that seven fruitful years are coming. A great harvest will come to Egypt. But then seven years of famine will follow. Nothing will grow. This will certainly come to pass. The best thing to do is to find a wise man who can gather the grain in the years of plenty so that the people won’t starve in the seven years of famine."

This idea convinced Pharaoh.

Pharaoh: "Joseph, you are this man. God is with you. I name you as my assistant. Everyone in Egypt must obey you."

That’s how Joseph became the second most powerful man in the land! He could hardly believe it. God had not forgotten him, even if it sometimes looked that way. His brothers hated him, he was sold as a slave, and then was thrown into prison, though he was innocent.

I figured out that Joseph endured ten hard years. This should encourage you. God doesn’t forget anyone. Not even you. Believe in Him and trust Him with your life. You’ll be amazed at what God did through Joseph.

That’s why you should make sure to listen to the next drama.

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