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19. Who is the true God 4

King Ahab was furious at Elijah.

Ahab: "This Prophet is to blame for the fact that it hasn’t rained in so long."

Ahab ranted. Did he forget that the great drought only existed because he had abandoned the living God?

Three years had passed. Three years without even a drop of rain. And then Elijah went to King Ahab.

Elijah: "King Ahab, if you want it to rain again, then gather the whole nation and all of the priests who worship Baal; we’ll meet on Mount Carmel. There we’ll see who the real God is: the LORD or Baal."

Ahab obeyed Elijah.

The next morning, the whole nation climbed to the top of the mountain. What was going to happen? Elijah called out to the crowd:

Elijah: "How long will you waver back and forth? Decide today whom you will serve: God the LORD - or Baal."

The nation kept silent. They watched as Elijah built an altar and laid a sacrificial animal on it. The priests of Baal did the same thing.

Elijah: "Wait! Don’t light a fire! Everyone will pray to his God. And the God who lets fire rain from heaven is the true God."

Immediately the followers of Baal began to call out to him. For hours and hours. But they got no answer from heaven. Elijah made fun of them:

Elijah: "Ha. You have to call louder. Perhaps your god is asleep or maybe even on vacation!"

It grew very quiet when Elijah poured water over his altar and over the wood. Wet wood doesn’t burn, does it?

With a loud voice and with all of his heart, Elijah prayed:

Elijah: "LORD God, show your people today that You are the God of Israel and I am Your servant."

Wow! Suddenly fire fell from heaven and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and even the water! Everything burned brightly. Shocked, the people fell with their faces to the ground and cried out in unison:

Nation: "The LORD is God! The LORD is God!"

Now the people were convinced, and the priests of Baal received their just reward, and all of them had to die.

The LORD is God! One more time Elijah prayed to Him and then dark clouds blew in. The first drops fell. The only living God caused it to rain again.

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