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162. Detective Stevie Snoop Needs Assistants

He is stressed out and needs assistants for an interesting job.

Can you help him? He’ll show up any minute.

(sound of a doorbell) That must be him now.

Detective: "Hello! Stevie Snoop is my name. I am a detective. I need you! Yes, you! I have to solve 1000 cases."

Now you’re exaggerating.

Detective: "Why, then only 999! Here is the first case. It’s very secret. But very urgent so that no more unknowing clients are taken in by him. He’s a deceiver! A trickster who sneaks money out of people’s pockets. But not for long. You need to catch him. Characteristic: rather small but athletic."

Clues about this person can be found in the Bible in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 19, verse 2.

Luke 19, verse 2 will help you with your search.

If you don’t own a Bible, write to me and I’ll send you one.

Detective: "In the second case, you need to be careful. This fellow uses weapons. He curses the living God with shocking words. Obliterating his tracks is hard for him. His shoe size is probably 73!"

Write down where you can find him in the Bible:

1st Samuel 17, verse 4. I repeat: 1st Samuel 17, verse 4.

If you don’t know your way around the Bible, look at the table of contents.

Detective: "Case number three is especially important to me. This man was last seen at the river. His clothes are made from camel hair and his favorite food is not French fries, but grasshoppers and wild honey (sound of clearing a throat, coughing).

He invites everyone to live with God and turn from their sin. Many listen to him and freely confess their sin. When I find this guy, my stress will be over."

Further clues can be found in Matthew 3, verse 1. Matthew 3, verse 1.

And in the same book of the Bible, in Matthew 1, verse 21 you’ll find out with whom this guy aligned himself.

Detective Stevie Snoop would like it if you would write us with your answers.

Detective: "That’s right! Please hurry! These cases are urgent."

I wish you lots of fun in solving the cases.

Detective: "Detective Stevie Snoop."

People: Narrator, Detective Stevie Snoop

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