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110. Only 8 and already King

(sound of commotion) Conspiracy against King Amon.

His name meant faithful and dependable. But he wasn’t. Especially not in relation to God. He worshiped figures made out of wood and stone. Idol worship is a horrible insult to God.

Servant: "We’re going to kill him. He’s in his room."

(sound of a door opening, commotion, cries)

King Amon was murdered by his own servants. And his son became the new King.

Have you already heard about Josiah? He became King when he was only 8 years old.

Would he insult God like his father did? Or did he love God?

The way the Bible describes his life is wonderful: Josiah did what pleased God.

Does this describe you, too? This could be your life’s motto also, because Jesus forgives everything we do that doesn’t please God. You can ask Him to forgive you. He will hear you.

Josiah loved God. And when he got older, he demolished all the idols in the whole country. Everything that offended God was destroyed.

Shouldn’t you also clean up things in your life? The dirty videos and magazines? Things under your bed and in your closet that offend God?

Josiah put things in order. He did it willingly because he loved God.

Josiah: "Just look at the temple. The house of God looks like a dump. This is an insult to our God. Buy building material and get to work!" (construction noise)

Priest: "Look at what I just found. Way in the back corner were these scrolls. Come on, we’ve got to take them to King Josiah."

God’s Word, the Bible, lay in the corner. No wonder that God didn’t have first place in their lives.

Priest: "King Josiah, we found these scrolls in the rubble."

King Josiah: "Read them aloud."

The King heard what God did to those who didn’t love Him with all their heart. Shocked, he sat down on the ground and began to cry. He was so sorry that his people had offended God so very much.

Shortly after this, God told him:

God: "I’m going to punish this city. But because you love Me, I will spare you."

King Josiah invited children and adults to a service, and asked them to love God and give Him first place in their lives.

Would you have accepted this invitation?

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