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96. My parents are separated

Girl: "That was a super game."

Boy: "We won the quiz."

Girl: "Bragger."

The children were happy as they said good-bye after Youth Group. But not Steffi.

Narrator: "Steffi, what’s the matter with you? You’ve seemed different for awhile now. Aren’t you doing well?"

Steffi: "Everything is dumb. My dad isn’t there anymore. He moved away. Alone, without me and my sister. Mom said that he has a girl friend. He loves her more than he loves us."

Narrator: "That must be awful for you. I know how it is when parents separate."

Steffi: "It’s so bleak since he left us."

Narrator: "And you feel abandoned, don’t you?"

Steffi: "I hate her. She took my dad away. Do you think that he’ll ever come back to us? Can Jesus make everything whole again?"

Narrator: "I’m very sure that He can, Steffi. He wants every family to thrive. He doesn’t want this separation. But there’s a problem."

Steffi: "Which problem?"

Narrator: "People are His problem. They don’t want to do what He wants them to do. They’d rather go their own way and get a divorce. Children always suffer badly when that happens. It leaves a deep wound."

Steffi: "I wish that my dad would come again and everything would be like it was."

Narrator: "I’ll pray for that, and I know that Jesus wants it as well. But when something other than that happens, know that He can heal all wounds, Steffi. This can take a long time and sometimes the wounds open up again."

Steffi: "Whenever I think about my dad, I always have to cry."

Narrator: "I understand that. Look, Jesus wants to comfort you with the verse that’s printed on this card. Read it please."

Steffi: "My father and my mother abandon me, but the Lord accepts me."

Narrator: "People disappoint and abandon us, but Jesus would never do that. You can cry with Him and pour out your heart to Him. He is always very near to you. The card will remind you of this, so I’ll give it to you."

Steffi: "Thanks. Can I talk to you again about this sometime?"

Narrator: "Naturally. I’ll always take time for you, Steffi."

Steffi: "I have to go now. Bye."

Narrator: "Bye, I’ll see you later. You can write me, too."

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