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71. The cast-your-cares hint

Wouldn’t it be great if we had no cares or problems anymore?

Girl: "I wish that there would be no more war."

Boy: "And no accidents or cancer."

Girl: "And that parents wouldn’t get divorced."

Boy: "I wish that no more children would go hungry."

If that would be true, how wonderful it would be

Sometimes I wish the same thing. You, too? But as long as we live on this earth, these kinds of wishes won’t come true.

But I have good news for you: There is a Person who won’t let you alone with your cares. Jesus! How do I know that? From Peter.

The Bible contains letters from him, and in one of them he says: Cast all your care and all your worries on Jesus, because He cares for you.

Peter speaks from experience. One time, his mother-in-law was very, very sick. She lay in bed and had a high fever. Nothing helped. Peter and his wife were at the end of their rope.

But when Jesus came to visit them, they told Him all about their cares.

Peter: "Jesus, please help us. My mother-in-law is very, very sick. We’re very worried about her."

Jesus understands our big and small troubles and helps us gladly.

In the Bible it says: Jesus went to the bed of the sick woman and took her by the hand. He helped her to stand up and her fever left her immediately. In just a second, she was better. She was healthy again and even cooked a delicious meal for everyone there.

Do you have worries? Talk with Jesus about them. He hears your prayer. He may not help you as quickly as He helped Peter. But you can be sure that Jesus is never too late, even when we sometimes have to wait for His answer.

And always remember Peter’s good advice.

Peter: "Cast all your cares on Jesus, because He cares for you."

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