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6. 9 to 1

The disciples took long walks with the Lord Jesus. When you read the Bible, you can go with them throughout all of Israel. The disciples were privileged: they were there when Jesus healed the sick, when He prayed to His heavenly Father, when He calmed the storm with just a word.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus walked with His disciples on a dusty road and came to a small town that lay between Samaria and Galilee.

Lepers: "Jesus, Lord, help us!"

This is what ten men called out when they recognized Jesus.

As the disciples got nearer, they saw that these ten men were lepers. Leprosy is a terrible sickness that begins with spots on the skin and eats the extremities away.

The lepers were cast out of the community. They had to live in caves or on the open fields. They weren’t allowed to touch anyone. Everyone avoided them. But not Jesus.

Lepers: "Jesus, help us!"

Jesus: "Go to the priest. He should look at you."

With these words, Jesus sent the men to the man who led the church services and who was also the medical authority. The priest was the only one who could give these men a clean bill of health.

Immediately the ten men started on their way. And while they were walking, they realized:

Lepers: "We’re healed! Our skin looks healthy again!"

One of the men turned around and ran back to the Lord Jesus. He reached Him and kneeled down before Him.

Leper: "Thank you, Lord, for making me healthy again! Thanks so much!"

Jesus looked at this happy man and asked, perplexed:

Jesus: "Didn’t I heal ten men? Where are the other nine? Did only one return to thank me?"

Yes, only one! One was thankful.

And you? For what could you thank Jesus today?

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