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142. A doomed man 3

Doctor: "Mr. Taylor, you look awful! Make out your will. You’re not going to live much longer."

H. T.: "Oh, yes I will! I’m going to live a long time. God has work for me to do in China. Anyway, if I die, then I’ll be with Jesus, and I’m looking forward to that."

Hudson Taylor was infected by the corpse of a man who had died from a terrible fever. No one thought that he would make it. But Jesus protected him. Hudson continued his studies in medicine, for he needed it for his missionary work in China. On September 19th, 1853 he was ready. He went on board the ship named 'Dumfries', and sailed from England to China. They had just barely left the dock when the ship entered an awful storm. The waves threatened to sink the ship and the whole crew of sailors. But Jesus, the strong protector, didn’t let them drown.

Another time there was no wind at all. The sails just hung. And right then a strong undertow forced the ship toward a rocky reef. The captain gave up.

Captain: "This is our end. There’s nothing more that we can do."

H. T.: "Oh, but there’s one thing we can do."

Captain: "What’s that?"

H. T.: "We can pray and ask God to send the wind."

Hudson Taylor prayed and believed that God would help them.

H. T.: "Let down the main sail!"

Captain: "What’s that for nonsense?"

H. T.: "God is going to send the wind."

Captain: "That is so funny. I’ll believe it when I see it."

But then the bold scoffer experienced a miracle. Suddenly the wind blew in the sail, and the ship sailed past the dangerous reef without any difficulty.

Jesus held His protecting hand over the ship 'Dumfries'. They landed in Shanghai and let down the anchor.

Hudson cired for joy when he walked on to Chinese ground. Here he wanted to tell the Chinese people about his Protector. That’s why he learned their language. It was hard work. Sometimes his tongue was so tired.

H. T.: "Sirr Jesu ai o, za tscheng tsching kau su o."

It seemed like many Chinese had just waited for someone to come and tell them about the Lord Jesus. But he and his companion weren’t welcomed everywhere.

Woman: "Don’t go to Tungschau. The people there are bad. They’ll kill you or throw you in jail."

H. T.: "If the people are bad, then we have to go there. They need Jesus."

(sound of a tumult) Something was happening! I’ll tell you all about it in the next drama.

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